About Us


We are your everyday American family of four looking for a not so everyday lifestyle. The ups and downs of modern life have left us wanting more, or perhaps less. We are on a journey over this next season of life to utilize our time in ways that ignite our passion for God and stir our faith, see things we haven’t seen in hopes to do more together and with others, and deepen our relationship with one another as a family through experiences that sink deep into our souls and last a lifetime.

Gary is a pre-med student, turned Bible college graduate, turned pastor, turned entrepreneur and microbrewery founder, turned full-time seeker (and still CEO of a really great brewery…beer is still awesome). Andrea is an artist, loyal friend, devoted wife and full-time mom of two amazing little boys. Together, in over 18 years of marriage, we’ve weathered many life-giving seasons, transition, joys, upsets, eight years of infertility and then the joy of our two sons. Now we’re on what we like to call a pilgrimage, to find God’s promises in both our past, and the ones that lie in our future.

I’ve heard it said that sometimes to see God do the miraculous, you have to be willing to do the ridiculous. Well, in some cases, we’re asking God to do big things in our family. So, we’re going to perhaps take a little less orthodox route. We’re full-time RV’ing! Yep, you read that right. We’ve sold everything, our home, our truck, many of our personal belongings, downsized our lifestyle and bought an RV to travel the United States as a family and experience this beautiful country. We don’t have a firm plan really except that we feel we’ll be on the road for at least a year traveling temperate climates and following the seasons through New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, So-Cal, up Pacific Hwy 1, the Pacific Northwest, the land of the Big Sky, down into the Rocky Mountains, the Mid-West, then up to Maine and following the changing of the Fall colors down the Eastern US and then wherever we may roam.

We’ll do our best to catalog a bit of our journey and share here and there what we’re doing, where we are going and what God is doing in our family. There’s sure to be both ups and downs (hopefully a great majority of ups) but overall, we’re expecting to embark on a life-changing experience that changes us forever and plants deep roots in our family that will last a lifetime.