Daddy, there are a lot of rocks…

I absolutely love hiking with my sons. It stirs their imagination, builds their confidence and creates so many teachable moments. This weekend we hiked the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness which is one of the coolest hikes we’ve taken yet as a family. There were some rough patches including a couple of creek crossings. For one, I had to roll up my pant legs and actually carry the boys across. Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of that for you! I know, we missed it on that one. It was a little too intense in the moment for us to be thinking of selfies.

Later on our journey, we hit one of those teaching moments. Grant turns around and says, “Daddy, this is the best hike ever. But Daddy, why are there so many rocks?” This was about 5 hours in and I knew he was getting a little tired. I immediately responded, “Well buddy, sometimes we have to work hard to do fun things. Anything worth doing takes a little bit of hard work.” He said, “Ok, Daddy.” and just kept on walking. And I was a proud dad, thinking, that a boy.

No sooner did I then realize that so many times I’ve asked the Father that exact same question. And every time, He’s given me the same answer. Nothing is easy. But what I have for you is good. And I’ll be with you.

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