Learning Spontaneity in Santa Fe

The Humbles have not traditionally been known to do life off the cuff. We are planners. But that’s part of what this journey is all about. In the midst of reconnecting as a family, we are learning to do life differently. Not completely different, just better, or perhaps more balanced. For us, that means adding a little of the unknown into our lifestyle. And Santa Fe was such a great training ground.

We absolutely loved this city, and so did the kids. I’m not sure that we had any expectations, but if we did, Santa Fe did not disappoint. The most beautiful thing about this city is its diversity. What I mean by that is Santa Fe can sort of be whatever you want it to be. From the Plaza Square to the Canyon Road Arts District, Santa Fe is an amazing expression of Native and modern art (and let’s not forget nearby Madrid – a must stop). Or perhaps you’re looking for a foodie getaway. Santa Fe has it along with a burgeoning craft beer scene to boot. Looking to rediscover the past and immerse yourself in history? Welcome to Santa Fe. No wait. You crave adventure and some amazing hiking in the great outdoors. Go to Santa Fe.

The many faces of this great city allowed us to feel ok not being too planned out. We knew that with so many things to do and explore, we could make a decision on the day and have a lot of fun. And that was refreshing. You can’t really say that about every place that you visit. It’s much easier to fully enjoy what you are doing, in the moment, when you are not worried about where you are going next. For us, this is a learned skill.

Here’s a list of some things that we really enjoyed in Santa Fe. We hope you do too.

Santa Fe Skies RV Park – REVIEW 4.6/5 stars

We stayed here for two weeks, full hookups, 50A service in a 36′ motorhome, towing. We loved it!! And we most certainly will be back. This park is one of the most spacious and well laid out private parks that you’ll visit. Lots are wide and back-in lots (which we prefer) feel secluded. Our lot backed up to open sky with a mountain view. This park is family owned and they are extremely helpful. They have lived in the area for many years and are more than willing to give you some great local pointers to enjoy your stay. Amenities like the laundry room are nice and well kept. Our only knock on this park is the wifi and mobile data service.

The wifi is decent at best. The problem is that the owner is attempting to throttle user bandwidth by causing your device to re-register every 4 hours. This is quite extreme and causes you to have to reconnect all of your devices almost every time you attempt to access the internet. To make matters worse, AT&T 4G coverage in this area sits at 1-2 bars which is not ideal. Lastly, Santa Fe is very windy, dry and thus dusty. Of course, this has nothing to do with the RV park. But just something to note as you travel. The evenings when the wind relents, are absolutely beautiful. Unless you’re looking to boondock or stay at a campsite in a state park, this is the place to stay for full hookups, no question.

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