Transition Complete, all systems go!

We are putting away the old and seeking after the new, literally. This week has been transition week. We sold the house to a cash buyer with a two week close, moved everything into storage, moved into our motorhome and as I’m typing this, we are preparing to officially leave for our journey tomorrow. This time has been a time of great intensity, emotions, excitement, anticipation and a little anxiety all at the same time. We are changing the way that we do life, all the way. And that’s hard.

For the past week, we’ve been settling in at the Northlake Village RV Park in Roanoke, TX. It’s been a great place to stay in the DFW area and transition our lifestyle to RV living. The park was great! It’s full of friendly people, some families, a few full-time residents and mostly an older crowd either traveling to see family or traveling for work. It’s a pretty great mix of people. Facilities are exceptionally clean from the office to the bath houses and laundromat. The park can accommodate all varieties of RVs and offers full hookups with 50A service. The only negative I would add is that there are no play areas designed for children and there is a child tax of $2 per day. That may not necessarily say “family friendly”, but I would say that it definitely is. So, don’t let that scare you off.

We’ll be posting regularly during our travels with everything from what God is saying through our journey to the technology we’re using onboard our RV and everything in between. Please follow us here on our blog and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @humbletravelers.

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