The Simple Things

Things are moving right along and the closer we get to getting into our RV and taking off on our adventure, the more excited we get. House is for sale. Truck and SUV are for sale. Selling off lots of extra stuff on garage sale sites. This is the second time in our married life that we’ve sold off belongings in order to downsize. And it always feels exciting to us. There is something good for the soul when you declutter life and just get down to the essentials.

That gets all the more plain when we watch our two boys, Grant and Evan play so contently in the backyard. These boys thrive outside. They rarely play with their toys (which we are giving many away) and are most entertained by one of the simplest substances in the world, mud.

Mud certainly doesn’t get it’s fair share of celebrity, unless it finds itself in the hands of Jesus. In John 9, Jesus does something awfully peculiar and the Bible really doesn’t lend much in the way of interpretation. He spits on the ground, makes a bit of mud, smears the mud on the eyes of a blind man and he’s healed. He can see. There are lots of things to infer here. But, I like to think that for a moment, God was giving mud a chance to shine. And maybe He was trying to show us that there is power in even the simplest things in life.

Simplicity is certainly at the center of our desire to leave what we know of suburban lifestyle and venture out into lesser known territory. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy comforts. But we long for simpler, less complicated moments. We are looking for adventure and we are looking to find ourselves enamored with the simplest of things, and perhaps, each other.


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