Life Sort of Like Jenga?

No big deal. Not really looking for anything in particular. Just roaming through the RV park with the family doing the ordinary. But out of the ordinary (a game of big Jenga), comes a simple message.

So much of life can be filled with complexities, looking for increase or the next big thing, positioning, trying to secure a better future for our families (so we tell ourselves). And often times right in the middle of the fight, we wake up and realize that we’re on a collision course set for disaster. Perhaps when we think that all of the hustle and losing ourselves may finally pay off, we see that we are actually losing all that we’ve been working so hard to gain. The storyline is tragic. But it’s often all too real.

See, when you set out to play Jenga, you must realize that no matter how good you are at playing the game, you’re on a collision course with disaster. It’s inevitable. And every move you make no matter how calculated only takes you one step closer to certain catastrophe. The further along you go, the stack starts to shift and you realize that what you’ve been dreading is now imminent. And boom! It’s done. And what you had gained so much pride in building lay in ruins in less time than it took you to take your next breath.

For too many years, I felt those crushing emotions weighing on my soul with a dead man’s grip. No more. Life, that is, the good life, is one that should be lived with intentionality. I’ve learned that so much of life is at the end of the day about pursuit. Which then begs the question. What are you pursuing?

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