Beginning the Journey at Jellystone

So, it’s true. We have no idea what we are doing. But, we’re ready to learn as a family. And what better way to do that than with Yogi Bear at Jellystone Park right here in North Texas. We rented a travel trailer for the weekend and drove a cool 45 miles from home to test the waters and just begin to get a feel for living in an RV.

We had our challenges, but we had a really good time. Sleep is challenging. We’ll need to get used to the close quarters and learning how to divvy up the space during times like the boys’ afternoon naps and such. The coolest thing about RV living is that we are learning how to use the outdoors more as a part of everyday living space. And frankly, we love it! Morning coffee and quiet times are way better outside under a beautiful shade tree with the birds chirping. Sitting outside and using the outdoor kitchen simply to boil eggs for a salad is a nice change from just walking in the kitchen then returning to the living room in front of the television. In the model we are renting, the shower is pretty tight, but we all had a nice hot shower and really didn’t feel we were suffering without the comforts of our large indoor bathroom at home. Ok, maybe I’m overstating that just a bit. But seriously, not terrible.

Heeeeeeyyyyyy, Boo Boo!     – Yogi Bear

Outside of just getting used to doing life in an RV, we’re having fun with the kids here at Jellystone! Eating outdoors more, playing outdoor games, fishing, hiking, roasting s’mores at the campfire, fire truck rides and the barrel rides are some of the highlights.

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